Elevate your bathing experience

Lavender Lush's mission is to provide luxurious, gentle, clean skin care products for men, women and children alike. Even those with the most sensitive and reactive skin are considered when curating our goat's milk based soaps, salt soaks, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and more!

  • Why Goat's Milk?

    Goat's milk is a gentle cleanser that nourishes and moisturizes with mild exfoliation. It is known to promote anti-aging with it's Vitamin A and lactic acid. Goat's milk's PH level is similar to our own skin, helping restore lost moisture, while selenium helps improve skin membrane. It accomplishes all of this, while remaing incredibly gentle to even the most reactive of skin types.

Lavender Lush

Lavender Lush was designed to bring the most luxurious bath experiences, to those with the most sensitive skin types. Starting with goat's milk based soaps, and branching out into bath salt soaks, sugar scrubs, and bath bombs- our primary focus is remaining gentle and natural. We look forward to transforming your bath time experiences.